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Dolní Poohří

Krušné hory

České Švýcarsko

České středohoří

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From Mezní louka (Mezní Meadow) to the Wild Gorge

České Švýcarsko
Určeno pro
Výletník, běžný turista
Zdatný turista/Sportovec
Rodina s malými dětmi
Praktické informace
Celkem 5 km.
+420 412 528 344
407 17 Hřensko 71


Brána do Čech

Our starting point is the village of Mezní Louka, which is considered an important crossroad of tourist trails and one of the starting points of an educational nature trail going to the famous Pravčická Gate. Mezní Louka was originally built as a cottage then turned into a spa and later still into a hotel. We will park our car at a paid parking lot behind the hotel and follow the green tourist sign to the village of Mezná. Views of massive rocks around the Křídelní Wall on the northwest side begin to open in front of us and the significant cone of the Růžovský Hill keeps peeking at us from the south. In Mezná we will have to go down a steep slope into the Kamenice Valley all the way to the Na vyhlídce guest house. But before that we can walk in the opposite direction and follow the yellow sign for 150 m, and if the visibility is good, we will see the largest sandstone gate in Europe - the Pravčická Gate. We are moving slowly towards the murmuring Kamenice River and behind an alley of trees we are welcomed by the first rocks. We shall cross the Mezní Bridge over to the other side of the river towards a wooden hut, and after paying the entrance fee we are ready to face our new adventure and torrents of the Kamenice River tightly enclosed by sandstone gorges. While we are admiring the natural beauty, the bubbling weir announces that the ferry boat captain will take us through yet another section of the Divoká soutěska (Wild Gorge)on the Kamenice River. In two sections of the gorge – The Tichá (Quiet) Section (Edmundová) and the Divoká (Wild) Gorge we may sail in both directions. During the trip we learn about the history and the present of these gorges and ravines while admiring the bizarre rock formations - the so-called inhabitants of these gorges and ravines. Gorges resemble a rocky canyon with steep vertical walls between 50 and 150 meters high. Some sections of these rocks collapsed in the distant past and felt down to the bottom of the gorge. The ferryman propels the boat with a pole, as in times when this attraction was first established. The sail is a quiet ride. It almost seems as if the small river is resting now, letting us enjoy the surrounding sounds produced by the bizarre rock formations. We are passing by an island of lovers and soon we find ourselves standing on the shore and admiring the uniqueness of our surroundings. After seeing the "lake of luck" nearby, we continue to follow the yellow sign but on the other side of the shore. In some sections the route goes through iron bridges with handrails attached to the rock, under which the Kamenice River flows. After less than a kilometre we are leaving Kamenice and begin to climb up through a beautiful valley with adjacent rocks and blocks. We are approaching the crossroad sign for Ke Strži, where we continue to follow the blue sign through beautiful and scented forests until we reach Mezní Meadow. Full of pleasant sensations and experiences we indulge in our snacks under the shade of the hotel, and look forward to our next journey.

Total length 5 km.


Děčínský Sněžník


Chmelařské muzeum



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